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Bosmeric-SR is manufactured at the highest standards in the industry with Sabinsathe being named manufacturer of the year multiple times by the supplement industry as they have been the leader in not only potency and purity but also in the quality of production.  With over 127 patients with their ingredients (3 which are in Bosmeric-SR), our manufacturing is not just cGMP as many supplement manufacturers will claim but it is produced in an FDA registered and audited facility.  The reason for such higher standards ISO 22000 is that these products are directly used in human clinical trials at hospitals and universities.  For example, just on the Curcumin C3 Complex, we have over 50+ (and counting) human clinical trials.  If you take all the competitors in the market and add them up there is only 25 (and most are just white papers, not clinical studies).  In addition, all the ingredients are grown on their own controlled farms (over 400,000 acres) and the right cultivar of each plant is specifically used for choice to get the right phytonutrients and compounds necessary.  In addition, the patents are for the processing and extraction of specific compounds which make all the difference in efficacy.  In fact, a recent study (The Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Curcumin) showed that the major generic 95% curcuminoid products on the market had little to no anti-inflammatory or immunological benefit - only Curcumin C3 Complex did.  As you can see we are very serious in what we do, what we use and have the scientific evidence to back the claims.  Sabinsa who owns the patents on the ingredients in Bosmeric-SR even wrote the Monograph for Curcuminoids for the USP (United States Pharmacopeia).  Thus the manufacturing standards we utilize are much higher than what all the suppliers in the supplement industry are held to since they are not regulated.  For example, we disclose those inert ingredients because due to the process of manufacturing and being FDA inspected and audited, we are transparent and compliant.  However, most companies are not.   We are held to higher standards due to the ingredients being used in clinical trials at major hospitals such as NIH, Mayo, MD Anderson, etc.


You should not be concerned about the use of Other ingredients (Excipients) since they are inert and cannot be measurable.  What should be of concern is 1) learning about what types of curcumin and other ingredients are in your products and whether they are natural and pesticide-free, 2) Is it synthetic (43% of one of the largest major suppliers to the U.S. of generic turmeric/curcumin extracts was found to be using synthetic forms made in a lab - again this is detailed in the book An Inflammation Nation), 3) is the curcumin extracted using harmful solvents (which are commonly used in generic and cheap turmeric/curcumin extracts).  These harmful solvents leave larger amounts of residue in the products and cause side effects, 4) Is it irradiated.  Almost all turmeric/curcumin products (as well as most natural herbal products) are irradiated.  This is what the main problem is with many products.  I recommend that you read my book An Inflammation Nation which describes a chapter in detail about the ingredients and manufacturing of Bosmeric-SR vs all other major competitors.  You will be surprised what you will learn.  Bosmeric-SR is certified pesticide-free, gluten-free, soy-free, Non-GMO and non-irradiated.  We also never use invalidated scientific methods, unreproducible results, false claims or third party data unlike many suppliers of other dietary supplements.


To further explain the manufacturing in brief: For example, any tablet that is sustained released, even if it is a herb or vitamin/mineral uses those other ingredients (and sometimes more).  Any tablet that is made from a powder to be compacted, even its its a whole food organic plant-based supplement still uses those ingredients to bind the tablet and also prevent the tablet from breaking apart in the manufacturing process so it can slide down the machines into bottles and not break into powder when you open the bottle and place it in your hands.   Thus, when you look at all of the supplement markets, tablets/caplets are all made using these inert ingredients.  That is how tables/caplets are made.  Unfortunately most companies and people white label (private label) products so they do not know anything about manufacturing and only provide information that is given by sales reps and marketers.  Anybody who tells you that their tablets and caplets do not use those or other types of ingredients to do so for making them is not telling you the truth.


 Unfortunately, most companies do not disclose this (since most of the products on the market are just private label from contract manufacturers) and thus are not told about this since they are not measurable ingredients and thus recognized as "inert."  However, they should list them to comply with current regulations and disclose that information but unfortunately, they don't.  Even brands that I use in my office that are not mine but are organic non-gmo whole food plant based use these ingredients when making tablets but do not disclose that due to the reasons we are having this discussion.   Even if they do disclose it they use the generic name such as "natural lubricant" vs the chemical name like we do.  However, they are the same.  This inert and excipient aspect causes confusion to the customers in the health market but that is the reality of manufacturing.  Many people think it's a major ingredient or even minor ingredient but it's not it is an inert ingredient that is used in all manufacturing of tablets/caplets of supplements and pharmaceutical drugs.  Many people, unfortunately, think that just because something is wildcrafted, organic and non-gmo doesn't use such ingredient to make a tablet/caplet but they do - they just haven't disclosed it.  


With regards to the cornstarch, we only use certified Non-GMO corn starch - certified from the manufacturer of the cornstarch.  

"As an expert in Integrative Medicine for the past 17 years and also involved in formulation, patents and clinical trials with nutraceuticals, I can assure you that the Other ingredients in Bosmeric-SR are actually "inert" or known as "excipients".  This means that it is used in the manufacturing process for the caplet/tablet to be produced.  It is not an actual "ingredient" and thus is not measurable due to it being an excipient (less than trace amounts)."

-Sunil Pai, MD

Research Study:
The Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Curcumin